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Why Bilingva?

Safety and Confidentiality

We keep all materials confidential. All our translators work under strict Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA). All projects are stored in a secure cloud. We’ve never had a breach in our security.

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USCIS Acceptance Guaranteed

Over 15 years of working with immigration documents. Our translations are accepted by USCIS 100% of the time. We always meet the requirements of US and international government agencies.


All of our translations are notarized by a US notary. Notary services are included with the price of translation. Documents can be submitted to the Secretary of State Office for Apostille upon our notarization.

Client Approval

Upon completion of each project, we send you a copy of the translated document for review and approval. We make any necessary updates as per the client’s request, certify, notarize the translated packet and deliver the hard copy to the client.

Certified Translation Services - Bilingva

Certified Translation

Certified translations are required for immigration documents, academic transcripts and other documents used in an official capacity. Some of those documents include:

  • Legal documents and contracts
  • Birth, marriage and death certificates
  • Medical documents
  • High school and college diplomas and academic transcripts
  • Business transactions
  • Financial documents
  • Real Estate documents

Our Services Include


Certified human translators carefully chosen by us for every project and specific document.


An independent proofreader goes over the translated document to put in stylistic corrections or anything missed.


We provide the document back to you in the same look and feel as the original.

Expedited Turn-Around On Request

We work fast, but on request, we can work even faster.

Client Approval

You get a soft copy to approve before we certify it.


Our certification is accepted worldwide by most government agencies and private enterprises.


We notarize the document, accepted in all 50 states and by California Secretary of State for Apostille services.

Delivery of Electronic or Hard Copy

You get the final translation either in electronic format or we print it out with wet signatures for pick-up or mail.