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Case Study: Translation, Subtitling and Captioning Services for Splunk

Bilingva has developed innovative software and approach that allows our team to avoid using unnecessary steps and create the accurately translated subtitles directly from the video file, which considerably reduces the turnaround time and the cost

The Challenges of Legal Translation – and How to Overcome Them

Without professional legal translation, a case can fall apart and justice may not be served. Ensure accurate translations and seamless case flow.

Translators and Interpreters to the Rescue

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for translators and interpreters on a global scale. According to various estimates, some 7,000 languages are spoken around the globe today. When it comes to global events, the question becomes, how do you quickly reach all of humanity in their own languages?

Apostille on a Document in Foreign Language

Can you put apostille on a document in foreign language? Read our full explanation.

Does an Apostille Need to be Translated?

We explain why an apostille needs to be translated and how we can do this all for you start to finish.

Certified vs Notarized Translation

A notarized translation requires a notary public to witness the certification process. To acquire a notarized translation, the translator signs the certificate of authenticity in front of the notary.

Translation for Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement agencies have unique requirements when it comes to translation. See best practices developed by Bilingva for Police Departments and others.

Evolution of the Alphabet

The evolution of ancient runes into modern symbols of latin alphabet.

The amazing brains of real time interpreters

An interesting article from BBC about how the world’s most powerful computers still can’t perform accurate real-time interpreting of one language to another. Yet human interpreters do it with ease. Geoff Watts meets the neuroscientists who are starting to explain this remarkable ability.