Bilingva for Google


With over twenty years combined experience of providing conference interpreting, Bilingva is your vendor of choice for Google events.

From the large-scale conferences like Google I/O at the Shoreline Amphitheater and Google Cloud Next at the Moscone Center to executive briefings for customers and C-level meetings with whisper interpreting, Bilingva can help you with all your language needs.

We are a full-service language vendor that provides everything from skilled interpreters familiar with Google terminology and corporate culture to equipment for any kind of event, to translation of all your materials, before and after the conference.

Take a look at our past projects with Google and contact us for your next event!

  • Bilingva Provides Remote Interpreting at Google IO 2019
    Bilingva Provides Remote Interpreting at Google I/O 2019
    May 17, 2019
    Bilingva provided remote simultaneous interpreting at Google I/O 2019.
  • Conference Simultaneous Interpreting Google Cloud Next - Bilingva
    Conference Interpreting at Google Cloud Next '18
    July 27, 2018
    In another round of Google signature events, Bilingva provided conference (simultaneous) interpreting at Google Cloud Next '18.
  • Conference Interpreting at Google Cloud Next 18 - Leaders Circle - Bilingva
    Conference Interpreting at Google Cloud Next 18: Leaders Circle
    July 26, 2018
    Bilingva provided conference (simultaneous) interpreting at Google Cloud Next 18 for the Leaders Circle event.
  • Conference Interpreting at Google Cloud Next 18 - Partner Summit - Bilingva
    Conference Interpreting at Google Cloud Next 18: Partner Summit
    July 25, 2018
    Bilingva provided conference (simultaneous) interpreting in Japanese at Google Cloud Next 18: Partner Summit. We are privileged to work with Google as a language vendor, and we look forward to many more signature events!



“My experience with Bilingva was incredibly positive, and I recommend them to anyone looking for translation services in a corporate setting. The whole process, from my initial email request to the services performed at my event, was handled with professionalism and care. Catherine, the company’s founder, was my point of contact and she was lovely throughout. She responded quickly and gave me assurance that all my translation needs for the three languages I required would be met. She provided an overview of expected costs and benefits to the services she and her team could offer me and worked within my budget. Onsite, she and her setup crew went above and beyond but bringing a few spare headsets for my guests (which were needed) and they worked quickly, putting my mind at ease. Her translators were wonderful and very focused. 

The benefit of human translation is that it is generally more accurate than machine translators since the humans will account for nuances and cultural context. I look forward to working with Bilingva again in the future!”

Emily Ocon
Events Manager, Developer Marketing, Google Play

“I am here to thank you for all your support during our JBS Summit at Google. Both translation professionals were very good and the structure with the equipment, perfect. Client loved it! So did we! Thank you very much and congratulations for your professionalism.”

Google Brazil Team

“I was very impressed with the speed, fluency, and ability to translate colloquialisms in a seamless and natural way. This was an event for all of our most important education leaders in Brazil and it was important for us to be able to capture nuance in a powerful way, such that our audience could relate to our English speaking presenters who went into great detail on complex topics such as machine learning. Highly recommend working with these efficient and passionate interpreters and look forward to future events!”

Google Brazil Team


Whether you need to train your neural networks with a team of skilled linguists or translate a keynote address or a presentation deck for an executive briefing with a customer, Bilingva is your trusted partner in translations.

For over five years we have been working with Google teams delivering top notch translations and providing other language services – on-demand and on-time.

We are a flexible diverse team of linguists, project managers and engineers.

We understand what you need, and we can deliver in the right format and per your specification.

Take a look at our past projects and contact us for your next translation project!

  • Translation Spanish Language
    Translation for Google Education Summit, Mexico
    June 1, 2018
    Bilingva provided translation of presentation materials and keynotes into Spanish language at Google for Education Summit in Mexico City. This service was provided in parallel with the conference interpreting at the same event.
  • Google Translate Hawaiian
    Google Translate: Burmese, Hawaiian, Hmong
    August 6, 2017
    Bilingva performed rating and evaluation of Google’s Translate language in Burmese (Myanmar), Hawaiian and Hmong languages.
  • Google Translate Nordic
    Google Translate: Nordic and Rare Languages
    May 6, 2017
    Bilingva performed a translation and evaluation project for Google Translate team in Nordic and rate languages.
  • Google Translate Spanish
    Google Translate: Spanish
    November 6, 2016
    Bilingva processed over 400,000 words in Spanish to English and English to Spanish pairs for Google Translate team.