Conference Interpreting at Google Cloud Next ’18

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Conference Interpreting at Google Cloud Next ’18

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Conference Simultaneous Interpreting Google Cloud Next - Bilingva

Bilingva – Conference Interpreting at Google Cloud Next ’18


In another round of Google signature events, Bilingva provided conference (simultaneous) interpreting at Google Cloud Next ’18. For three days our team worked with Google Event, Jack Morton Worldwide and Sparks Online production teams to bring simultaneous interpreting to over three hundred and eighty attendants.

As the scale of Google events grows – this year’s attendance was in excess of twenty  thousand people – we scale to meet the demand.Although this is not the largest event we worked for in terms of logistics, booths and interpreters, it was definitely a new record in terms of overall attendance and making sure that translation delivery was done efficiently and promptly.

Our conference interpreting specialists stepped up to the challenge and worked with the event teams to bring the most qualified interpreters, the best available equipment and the most streamlined approach to bring interpreting feed to those who needed it.

Working at any event means being flexible and able to improvise on the fly: whether it’s changes in schedule, seating, or anything else that comes with the field of live events, we are happy to say that working with Google, Jack Morton and Sparks is always a pleasure – they are professionals in every aspect.

The three days of hard work at Moscone center in San Francisco were a resounding success. We thank Google for the privilege to work the event and look forward to our future cooperation.

If you are interested in providing language services at your event, and are looking for a vendor – contact us today, we would love to speak with you!

Team Bilingva.