Translation for Google Education Summit, Mexico

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Translation Spanish Language

Bilingva provided translation of presentation materials and keynotes into Spanish language at Google for Education Summit in Mexico City. This service was provided in parallel with the conference interpreting at the same event.

Bilingva was able to provide translation, customize it per local specific cultural demands and maintain consistency of delivery by managing the same set of translators and interpreters for the event, as well as translation memory with glossary of certain terms and words used by Google internally and externally.

Translations were delivered both ahead of the event, as well as during the event itself, on-demand, with last minute presentation and keynotes being submitted by the speakers. The turnaround for some of the work was as little as thirty minutes during the actual live interpreting taking place on-stage at the event.

Whenever you have a conference, it is best practice to have the same agency handle both the interpreters at the event, as well as translation of the supporting materials to provide consistency of the terminology and ability to accommodate any last-minute changes, as they naturally happen with presentation decks and substitution of tracks and presenters.

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