School Interpreting for Innovative Schools

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School Interpreting for Innovative Schools - Bilingva

School Interpreting for Innovative Schools


Bilingva provides school interpreting for a number of Bay Area schools where parents and students need interpreter’s help to overcome language barrier.

As student populations in schools across the country become more diverse, school interpreting has become a viable, even essential, option for many educators. Bilingva has been active in providing school interpreting for a variety of school districts and educational institutions for their parent-teacher conferences, counseling sessions, IEPs and regular school events during the last 10 years.

We are honored to add Summit Public Schools and Innovative Schools to the list of our clients in the education sector. Using an interpreter in a school setting can help ensure that a language barrier between parents and educators does not result in a diminished quality of education for any student. Our most in-demand languages are Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese. In addition to that we also have received requests for less common languages, such as Punjabi.

For immigrant community a quality interpreter means a difference between being involved in their child’s education and progress in school and contributing to the success of their children, or being left out from the school feedback and unable to provide the support and assistance needed for the children who are just starting to learn English and need extra help to be successful in schools.

Bilingva selects qualified and vetted interpreters who understand the challenges of English as a second language, and who specialize in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting depending on the session environment: from one on one counseling with the students and the parents to information nights and open doors where school staff delivers the news and updates to entire school body to on-demand interpreting during the school day.

If you are a school administrator, contact us today to see how we can help you with translation and interpreting services.