Conference Interpreting at Google Marketing Next 2017

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Conference Interpreting at Google Marketing Next 2017

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Conference Interpreting Google Marketing Next 2017

Bilingva provided conference interpreting for Google Marketing Next 2017.

Held in the heart of San Francisco, at the top of Nob Hill, the event was hosted simultaneously in two venues: at the Masonic for the general session, and at Fairmont Hotel for individual breakouts. Bilingva provided conference interpreting in Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese language.

Fairmont hotel had four breakout sessions running in parallel where conference interpreting was conducted in Chinese and Japanese. Working with the event production company Bilingva proposed the best solution for each of the rooms, depending on its size, attending audience and the number of languages being covered at any given time. From a full-size fully encapsulated translation booth, to a half booth, to an option of moving interpreters into an adjacent space and running audio and video feed: all of these were leveraged to provide the best experience for the attendees.

Set up in the Masonic required thorough testing of the entire space to make sure coverage was excellent both in the balcony, as well as the orchestra seats. With more than three thousand people attending the event, there was no assigned seating for those who required translation, so ability to provide universal coverage throughout the venue was critical.

More than several hundred participants used the translation headsets throughout the event, moving from one venue to another, and seamlessly switching to the channel for the specific room they were attending to listen to the conference interpretation in real time.

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